Caregiving Day

Just when I think that I’m on an unstoppable roll writing this blog I am suddenly pulled back into the painful reality of watching my son deteriorate day by day. This morning I came downstairs ready to tweak the post I had prepared to upload by early morning. Not going to happen today. I am emotionally drained as I write this, after having held Drew while he sobbed and shared his fear of going to prison. And, he remains confused as to how this whole thing happened in the first place.

It makes no sense to him that the professionals put so much emphasis on the things he wrote when sad, hurt, angry (and lacking the filter of a neurotypical). How did they deem that more important than his honest, candid testimony? I can’t answer those questions, and it breaks my heart.

Many of you have asked me if I’ve lost faith in God. Honestly yes, but only for about 10 minutes. I remember standing at my kitchen sink. I began to yell and cry. I told God I had lost faith in Him. How could He let this happen to an innocent young man? Within a few minutes a wave of calm came over me, along with the realization that I haven’t lost faith in God. But, I have lost faith in our criminal justice system.

If you pray then please send a prayer our way. If prayer is not your thing then please send us some good thoughts and positive energy; especially for Drew.

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