Who we are:

We are that All-American family that no one could ever imagine would be caught up in such a horrible legal nightmare. But, sadly we are. Why did this happen? Mostly lack of awareness, education and training of first responders, prosecutors and judges where autism is concerned.

My name is Judy (Jude) Harrison. My husband, John is a school psychologist who will be retiring on June 30, 2016 after 34 years of helping children, their families and other educators provide individualized support for children. We have two sons, John and Drew and a 3 pound dog, Libbie. Both of our sons are autistic. 

Our story can’t be told simply or shortly. It has been ongoing since 2012. Each month, each year we have believed that surely the next step will bring this to a good end for our son, Drew and for all of us who love him. So I will be writing the story in small segments via this blog.

It is my intention and hope that by doing so I will help to save my son’s life…yes…life. And, in the process bring awareness that will create necessary changes within our judicial system.

How you can help:

Read and share this blog.