Drew is Home!

Drew is home. Being home is comforting. Being pardoned would be justice.  We continue to ask Governor Ralph Northam to pardon Drew. He is the only person in the world who has the power to right this wrong.   For… Read More

Coming Home in July!

Our family is happy to share that The Virginia Department of Corrections reinstated Drew’s good behavior time. This means Drew will be coming home on July 25th. This day can’t come fast enough! We know we even speak for our… Read More

Guilt by Innocence-Autism Awareness

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. The entire month of April is Autism  Awareness Month. As others shine a spotlight on autism awareness, acceptance and inclusion we want to shine a light on autism and the criminal justice system.  People… Read More

A Message From Drew

Drew wanted to personally thank you all and address some of the questions you’ve asked. Drew has earned my deepest respect.  I’ll turn this over to Drew now.    Dear Supporters, This letter is to thank everyone who has been… Read More


Many of you have been asking us for an update. I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving because the only “update” was to say there is no update.  Perhaps you’re aware that Governor Ralph Northam has been asked to resign. A photo… Read More

Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. Traditionally families gather together to count their blessings and enjoy a holiday feast. We gathered together with Drew yesterday in the prison visitation room.   Drew’s demeanor is very sad. He fears… Read More

Your Support Is Still Needed!

Yesterday was Halloween Day. Halloween and Christmas have always been a tie for Drew’s favorite holiday. Yesterday we visited our son in prison but there was no celebration. He is disheartened and has lost hope. He is afraid to believe… Read More

Let Drew Come Home Now!

I am running out of patience. So is Dr. Staci Carr, the President of The Autism Society Central Virginia. Dr. Carr went to visit Drew in prison. She observed the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other effects of the… Read More

A Letter From Prison

Recently the prison was on a lockdown/shakedown which meant we weren’t able to talk with Drew for over a week. That might not sound like a long time but when your son with autism is in prison it feels like… Read More

Drew’s Birthday and Mother’s Day Weekend

Tomorrow, May 12th is Drew’s birthday. This will be the second birthday he has spent in prison. A senseless conviction, followed by a draconian sentence. The final blow dealt by  the Commonwealth came on March 2, 2017 when the judge… Read More

Why is Drew in Prison?

This post focuses on the judge’s rationale for imposing an active prison sentence. I am providing only relevant excerpts from transcripts. Transcript dates are in chronological order. THE COURT means judge is speaking. Sentencing Transcript, June 30, 2014  THE COURT:… Read More

He Misses His Life

Today I will share the things Drew says to me on a regular basis. He misses his dog, Libbie. He asks me every time we talk how she is and what she’s doing. A friend’s dog died this past week.… Read More

More Inconsistent Testimony

In my last blog post I wrote about one issue of inconsistent testimony raised during the Motion to Set Aside The Verdicts. Today’s post focuses on another inconsistency. The conversation between Drew’s defense attorney and the judge relates to trial… Read More

Inconsistent Testimony

Several of you have asked us what Drew’s attorney did after he received the part of the police report not provided before trial. Due to the extreme discrepancy between her testimony under oath and what she had told police, along… Read More

Spotlight on the Truth

In my last post the woman was testifying about the fuzzy blue blanket she put on the floor for the two of them to lie down on. We will pick up there. Trial transcript beginning on page 66 – Q:… Read More


The trial began with the prosector arguing that the semi-nude photos of the woman, not be shown in court. She was also asking that autism only be considered at sentencing, not during the trial. This discussion takes up pages 9-32.… Read More

She Led, He Followed

In my past posts I have focused a lot on autism. It’s difficult to explain how autism is relevant in this case to those who have no understanding of the communication and processing differences between autistic and neurotypcial (non-autistic) people.… Read More

Arresting Autism

Today the blue lights shine bringing awareness to autism. I have written many blog posts raising awareness of an often overlooked consequence many on the autism spectrum face. Ironically the blue lights in this case are of the flashing kind,… Read More

Your Voice!

Several of you suggested that we call Governor Northam’s office and make a group plea for him to pardon Drew. This would be a determined and collective message to the person with the power to send Drew home. Many indicated… Read More


Please note. I received updated information regarding the reason Drew was determined to be a 10 out of 10 for Criminal Thinking ‘Observation’, and the removal of his good time. I was pleased to hear that the rating score had… Read More

What Happened To Common Sense?

My anger and disappointment at our criminal justice system, and Department of Corrections continues to rise. During my visits with Drew a number of Corrections Officers have told me what a fine young man Drew is. This felt promising. What… Read More


Dates. We so often celebrate them. The past year has been the first year in my life that I have grieved each and every holiday, and each “first” since Drew was taken from court on March 2, 2017 to serve… Read More

Video: Call To Action

Please watch my video and if you haven’t already signed the petition, please consider signing. And share, share, share! Thank you! https://www.change.org/p/governor-of-virginia/u/22153084https://www.change.org/p/governor-of-virginia/u/22153084 Read More

change.org petition

We are petitioning Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. He is a worthy young man and deserves his freedom. Please sign the petition at https://www.change.org/p/decriminalize-autism-and-save-drew and please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social… Read More

Letter to Libbie

Today’s post is a letter Drew wrote to his dog, Libbie. He misses her terribly. We can tell she misses him so much. We often find her sitting in his bedroom. I decided to attach a link to the gaming… Read More

. . . And Justice For All?

For the past few weeks I’ve been going through legal documents and paperwork. It has become apparent that Drew’s case is starting to attract national attention and I need to be well organized. My primary objective for writing this blog… Read More

Drew’s Letter To The Judge

While going over all of the legal paperwork I read the letter Drew had written to the judge who convicted him, sentenced him, and had the opportunity March 2nd to grant him home incarceration in leu of prison. The letter… Read More

Give Drew Freedom

I sit here on the 5th of July while most of my friends celebrated “freedom” yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to celebrate this year. No parades. No cookouts. I just simply couldn’t nudge myself into going, being in the… Read More

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Desk

Over the past 5 years I have believed that “soon” at the next court date, the next request, the next hearing; but soon-someone with the power and authority to let Drew go free would do just that. OR at the… Read More

Thinking of You on Mother’s Day

Many people have shared that it feels awkward wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day knowing how difficult this day must be. That is true. Even though I miss Drew every day today feels especially painful. Friday when I spoke with… Read More

Happy Birthday Drew!

Today is Drew’s birthday. I will honor his birthday by making this as happy a post as I can under the circumstances. Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call from Drew. The first time I’ve heard his voice since Easter Sunday.… Read More

Best Friends

This week continues to be very difficult. It’s just hard. My sweet son is in prison. In isolation. Alone. Again. For weeks he has been alone. He doesn’t understand what is going on. He is not doing well to say… Read More

Some Days Are Worse Than Others

Some days are just worse than others. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern. It just happens. Today is one of those days. Not because it’s raining. Or because it’s Monday. None of those things have ever brought me down.… Read More

Sad, and True

I am too overwhelmed right now to write much of an update. Please continue to pray for Drew as he does his best to survive prison while being on the autism spectrum. He is currently in “segregation” which seems to… Read More

Another Layer of Autism Awareness

Today we Light it up Blue to shine a light on autism. Ironically, I don’t recall ever having felt so blue. As you know by now my son, Drew, has autism. He is in prison for a conviction that he has… Read More

They Miss Each Other

It’s been a difficult month. We miss our son so much. I miss hearing him streaming. I decided to watch some of his videos from Gaming With Drew. We don’t get to talk to him often but when we do… Read More

Heartbreaking Update

This is the most difficult post I’ve written. At the “hearing” on March 2nd the judge who originally convicted and sentenced Drew stuck to his decision to send Drew to prison for 3 years with 47 years suspended. Many of… Read More

Short Update

If you’ve been following my blog you know that the world of court hearings and legal details is complicated to say the least. A change of events moved Drew’s hearing from last week to March 2nd. We are always grateful… Read More

Preparing My Son For Prison

We received a call from Drew’s attorney saying The Supreme Court of Virginia has denied the last request to hear Drew’s appeal. They didn’t find a “procedural error.” Early this coming week he is required to go to the courthouse… Read More

Waiting – Long and Painful

I want to express our deepest appreciation to every one who has been reading the blog, caring, praying and waiting to hear an update. The term ‘update’ in this situation has really translated to ‘waiting for yet another date’ to… Read More

Drew Is Not A Criminal

The past few days have been agonizing. The waiting and uncertainty is heavy. Today I want to focus on the effects this legal process has had on Drew. I’ve shared my pain openly with you. As a mom I feel… Read More

The Sentencing

Next Wednesday we will listen as Drew’s attorney addresses three justices at the Supreme Court of Virginia. They will hold our son’s future and life in their hands. I have never had so many feelings hit me all at once with this much… Read More

Due Process – Part 2

Due Process – Part 1 offered some of the testimony and facts regarding the agreement Drew, his former attorney, my husband and I had with the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney (ACA). Today’s post shares the judge’s decision and his reasoning. Before… Read More

Due Process – Part 1

Drew has always come to me to discuss his concerns. His trust in sharing with me continued into adulthood. He had romantic feelings for this woman but she was different from other women he had dated. Drew wanted clarity from… Read More

You Cannot Be Serious!

I remember watching tennis matches back in the 80’s. The line judges would determine if the ball was hit in or out of bounds. I felt sorry for the judges who were fussed at by players when they were simply… Read More

100% No Deception!

If you’ve been reading my blog, particularly Convicting Drew – Parts 1-5, you are aware that the judge convicted my son. He based his decision primarily upon credibility. He believed that Drew was deceitful. After a couple of grueling weeks… Read More

Convicting Drew – Part 5

The Judge continues with his rational for convicting Drew. The Judge: More relevant to me and what I’ll respectfully call dissembling is this. I hear Mr. Harrison describe the application of force to (her name), the very essence of the case… Read More

Convicting Drew – Part 4

The judge notes that in a he said, she said he is required to determine the credibility of the witnesses when testimony differs. He started with the young woman. Below is directly quoted from the trial transcript: Judge: I found… Read More

Convicting Drew – Part 3

Today we will cover another point the judge made for convicting Drew. Judge: Also there’s an instance where the gentleman admits that he misrepresented his telling of the story to (a witness) what happened at the apartment. He said that… Read More

Convicting Drew – Part 2

Today’s post is part two of the judge’s rationale for conviction. The judge continues to present his reasoning for his decision. Judge: “I also observed in Mr. Harrison what I would generally call dissembling or an effort to shade the… Read More

Convicting Drew – Part 1

After the trial the judge took a ten-minute recess to return with his verdict. In a future post I’ll provide that in its entirety. For now I will break his decision into key points. Judge: “Mr. Harrison’s appearance on the… Read More

Caregiving Day

Just when I think that I’m on an unstoppable roll writing this blog I am suddenly pulled back into the painful reality of watching my son deteriorate day by day. This morning I came downstairs ready to tweak the post… Read More

He Said, She Said, The Only Material Witness Said

When a family goes through tragedy nothing feels better than hope and support.  And, our support came from the Autism Society Central Virginia (ASCV).  ASCV is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services, education, advocacy, and support to individuals, families,… Read More

It Takes A Village

For the past week I have been very focused on listening to your feedback. I appreciate each and every one of you; your questions and helpful input. Most of you want less transcript verbiage. I can certainly understand that. All… Read More

Recommended Reading

We will continue with trial testimony. As I mentioned in the last post I will not be using any names from the transcript excerpts except for our son’s. Today the young woman is being cross examined by Drew’s defense attorney.… Read More

The Next Day

How did this go from a meeting at Barnes & Noble to him splashing cold water on his face and needing help making sense of her text? I spent over an hour talking with him and trying to wrap my… Read More

The Invitation

Since posting this blog several of you have asked me about the details. “What did he do?” Others have asked, “What was he convicted of?” This is an excellent example of the essence of why I’m writing this blog. What… Read More

Taking a Break

The past few days have been more difficult than usual. Drew is having frequent panic attacks and my focus needs to be on caring for him. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I want to wish all of you dads a happy… Read More

The Visit

Upon awakening from small spurts of sleep I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and headed to the jail. Still in the clothes I wore to court and slept in. John drove, and we delivered Drew’s medications. We lucked… Read More

Injustice and Misuse of Power

The drive home from the courthouse is a blur. I don’t know how John drove us home. He pulled strength from somewhere. I had chilled a bottle of white wine that morning. Surely the judge would see not only our… Read More


As I looked down at my husband’s hand I realized I was squeezing it so tightly there was no circulation. His hand was white. I had only squeezed his hand in that manner once before, while giving birth to our… Read More

Protecting Her Young

What will a mother risk to protect and save the life of her child?  In this photo the eagle risks her very own life to protect her young bird from the fox.  She makes herself vulnerable by coming so close… Read More