Please note. I received updated information regarding the reason Drew was determined to be a 10 out of 10 for Criminal Thinking ‘Observation’, and the removal of his good time.

I was pleased to hear that the rating score had nothing to do with racial, age or gender profiling. I was heartbroken to hear the rest. Just to be clear, this information is coming from personnel present at the meeting.

The short of it is that Drew was given a survey sheet to fill out weeks ago. The survey score apparently carries a lot of weight with the DOC. Here is what caused Drew’s ‘criminal thinking observation’ score to be so high: Drew strongly agreed to a statement that the system had dealt him a raw deal. Apparently this is not the answer they want. We agree with Drew. He was dealt a raw deal. More than once.

The recommendation given to Drew yesterday is that he ‘needs’ to go through a DOC diversion program titled, Thinking For A Change. I looked on the DOC website and found the program. Drew apparently ‘needs’ to complete this program even though he already went through a DOC required program for ‘sex offenders’ during his appeal. He passed that program.  And, as you might recall he also passed the mandatory polygraph test with 100% NO DECEPTION.

The DOC wants Drew to recognize his thinking process. The irony is that the DOC fails to recognize autism as his diagnosis. They don’t seem to grasp his preference for honesty and his refusal to admit to a crime he did not commit.

When Drew asked for further clarification about his annual review he was given a web address. He was told that under the section ‘about us’, then under ‘agency procedures’, and then under ‘section 830.3’, it is there in black and white. They can require you to work for your good time. Keep in mind Drew has no internet access. When he asked how he was supposed to know this requirement he was told that it was his responsibility to ask. He asked how he could possibly know to ask that question. He thought that good behavior would result in good time. But, understanding this literal interpretation would require the DOC to consider the literal thinking process of someone with autism. Not to mention imploring common sense over procedural adherence.

Drew turned in his application for a job. The pay, in case you wonder…27 cents an hour. He is not opposed to working. He remains opposed to admitting to a crime he did not commit.

Those of you who have any understanding of autism get it. Drew is bright and articulate. But, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. He is overwhelmed, anxious and scared. Now he’s being told he should know WHAT questions to ask.

If your eyes are glazing over trying to make sense of this please know that my eyes are red and swollen from crying and lack of sleep. I don’t know how my son survives this.

Governor Northam, please pardon Drew!

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  1. We can only pray that someone comes to their senses and rights this terrible wrong, your family is in my prayers

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