Short Update

If you’ve been following my blog you know that the world of court hearings and legal details is complicated to say the least.

A change of events moved Drew’s hearing from last week to March 2nd. We are always grateful for more days with him home, but the stress of waiting is taking a toll on him, and on us.

This post is short, and only to keep you updated and ask for your continued thoughts and prayers.

The hearing on Thursday morning is before the judge who originally convicted Drew and sentenced him. Drew’s attorney has requested that the judge please consider an alternative to incarceration. It’s still surreal using my son’s name and incarceration in the same sentence. Those of you who know Drew, and some who have simply read this blog can’t wrap your head around it either.

We no longer even know exactly what to ask for, pray for or expect. We’ve learned after 5 years of this to just breathe, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It all seems so negative and senseless. But life doesn’t always make sense.

So I guess what I would ask you to pray for is that we get to bring Drew home with us on Thursday, and that he won’t have to spend time in a jail or prison. We know that he really deserves much more. He deserves to have this whole thing go away and his rights and reputation restored. That would be true justice.

Recently he asked me if I realize how long it’s been since he has been anywhere outside of a 50 mile radius of our home. I know far too well; January, 2013. He told me how much he misses walking on the beach, listening to the ocean, visiting family out of state. His list went on. He said he has dreams where he’s walking on the beach. This is a lesson for anyone reading. Never take your freedom for granted. Even if your freedom is as simple as walking on a beach.

He went on the tell me that he is grateful though to be at home and not in prison, where he can at least be with his family, his dog and simple things like brewing a pot of fresh coffee to enjoy. How’s that for a good attitude?

I promise to update you all and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Perhaps you don’t realize how much it means to our family to receive your notes and words of support and encouragement. It means everything and we are grateful for each of you.

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