Happy Birthday Drew!

Today is Drew’s birthday. I will honor his birthday by making this as happy a post as I can under the circumstances.

Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call from Drew. The first time I’ve heard his voice since Easter Sunday. Words can’t express how wonderful it was to be able to speak with him. He was moved Monday after being in isolation since Easter, to a mental health unit. I have been assured by The Department of Corrections he will receive good care there.

Thirty-one years ago my husband and son, John took me out for a lovely Mother’s Day Brunch. As I stood in line at the buffet plans changed a little. My water broke…everywhere! The entire restaurant applauded as they realized that a baby was about to be born on Mother’s Day. Tears fill my eyes as I type this. The memories are so vivid, and so very special. Drew’s brother, John who was only 6 at the time asked quite loudly why I had to create such a fiasco. His question elicited more applause and laughter. That was quite a funny question from a 6 year old little boy.

Drew wasn’t actually born that day. Labor lasted over 30 hours. There were some complications with the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck. So, a cesarean section was necessary. Understandably I was exhausted and Drew was taken to neonatal intensive care.

The next morning I met him for the first time through a glass window. I wanted to hold him but that wasn’t yet possible. I would have to wait.

The last time I saw Drew this past March was through a glass window at Riverside Regional Jail. I wanted to hug him, but that hasn’t yet been possible. I will have to wait.

Today I’ll be so happy to hear his voice, to wish him a Happy Birthday over the phone. I will remain grateful for every memory and moment of joy. I will also allow myself to feel the pain of missing him. I bought him some birthday gifts through the prison online commissary yesterday. Even though I would obviously prefer our usual family birthday celebration at home, I am beyond grateful to know he will now be allowed to receive our gifts when they arrive.

If you would like to send him a note please let me know and I’ll provide his address. Also, soon  I’ll post a link on this site, and the Save Drew Facebook page. Several people have asked to donate to his commissary account so he can order items that will provide him with some simple comforts such as toiletries, reading material, snacks, etc.

In a recent post I wrote about the 80 pounds Drew had gained from stress eating over the last year. When I talked with him yesterday he said he has lost about 40 pounds since being incarcerated in March. So, he’s getting close to his normal weight again. Sounds like he will savor a few snack treats!

Drew enjoys a variety of music, including songs by John Lennon. On that note this seems like an appropriate end for this post.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

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