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This week continues to be very difficult. It’s just hard. My sweet son is in prison. In isolation. Alone. Again. For weeks he has been alone. He doesn’t understand what is going on. He is not doing well to say the least. So far the DOC in Virginia has not confirmed to us that they are addressing his care from the perspective of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I have been told that they are trying to “figure out” what’s going on with him, and they are trying to figure out the best placement for him. I always provide them with both answers. He has autism, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The best placement for him would have been since March 2nd, and still is IN-HOME INCARCERATION.

I have been told that soon we will be able to talk with him on the phone. I can’t wait to hear his voice. I also was told yesterday that he would be calling me last night. I waited with anticipation until after 11:00 last night. No call.

On my last post I mentioned that the link on the website to fill out an online form to request a visit with Drew was broken. It is now working…and we filled it out today. Hopefully we can soon visit with him. But, we are told that because he is in segregation (isolation) he can’t have visitors.

Since I’m not really feeling creative and up to writing much I will answer a few more of the questions you ask frequently, and I’ll address some of your comments.

Q: Drew looks very different in recent photos. He seems to have gained weight? Are many the photos “old”?

A: Most of the photos, except for the obvious baby/kid photos on the blogsite banner are within the timeframe of the legal issue. Drew began “eating his stress” starting around February of 2016. His fear of going to prison and never being able to have a normal life grew. He suffered frequent anxiety attacks, and panic attacks.  As a result he gained about 80 pounds in a little over a year. That is a lot of weight, especially for a guy who has always been on the leaner side.

Q: How old is Drew? How old was he when this whole thing started?

A: Drew is 30. If we aren’t successful at getting him in-home incarceration he will spend his 31st birthday in prison in May. Heartbreaking. He was 25 when the alleged assault happened. The woman was 26.

Q: How is Drew doing regarding his dog, Libbie? He talks about her a lot on his streams and videos.

A: I haven’t spoken to Drew in almost 2 weeks. But before that he mentioned Libbie during our calls, reminding me to feed her since she’s only 3 pounds. He also reminds me that she’s 10 years old and to please take good care of her. He is afraid she will die before he gets out of prison and he will never see her again. You are SO right. Libbie is VERY important to him and part of his therapy. We can tell that Libbie also misses him. She had stopped eating much at all, but we have finally coaxed her into eating by adding a little cheese to her food. She seems to be slowly gaining some weight back. We don’t tell Drew. He would worry. He doesn’t need any more worry or pain. The photo I chose for today is one of Libbie comforting Drew through a panic attack.

Q: Is there another country that would accept Drew and allow you all to bring him there to live without being in prison and social stigma?

A: Wow! I have been asked this question SO many times that it’s surprising how many people have the same thought. I am researching it. With that said…I am ONLY referring to a legal move. If someone out there knows of a country that would read the transcripts, consider the absurdity of his conviction, and draconian sentence then please let me know. You can privately email me on the link on my blog, or private message me. YES, I would be open to moving if it meant that my son would have an opportunity for a life without constant punishment for something he is innocent of.

Answer, part B. With that said. I want to be clear. I have always loved my country, and will continue to. But, if the laws here cause his life to be a living hell and another country will offer him an opportunity to be free then I am very open to that discussion. I will gladly provide transcripts, or whatever else could help free Drew. I have always believed my country, The United States of America had the most fair judicial system.

Q: Does Drew miss playing video games?

A: Well, I am sure you can tell this question comes from many of his friends who used to watch him stream. Drew misses gaming and streaming very much. He misses the little things that most of take for granted until one day those little things are taken away. I long for the day when I hear Drew laughing, playing games and entertaining you all again.

Thank you again. I know I usually end by thanking you. There is a reason for that. We are grateful beyond words for each of you, your support, prayers and compassion.

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