Coming Home in July!

Our family is happy to share that The Virginia Department of Corrections reinstated Drew’s good behavior time. This means Drew will be coming home on July 25th. This day can’t come fast enough! We know we even speak for our dog, Libbie that she will bounce for joy when she sees Drew for the first time since March 2, 2017. Our sincerest appreciation and respect goes to the politician with influence who stepped in. 

Your support is still needed as we ask Governor Northam to pardon Drew. 

Without a pardon our innocent son will face a lifetime with the label of “violent sex offender”; which is beyond ridiculous. Likely, even the woman who made the accusation, the prosecutor and the judge would agree that he does not deserve this heinous, life destroying label. 

The issue of “victim blaming and shaming” occasionally comes up. Truth is, the system deserves blaming and shaming. Two young adults walked away far more harmed by the system than anything either of them did or said to or about each other. The blame and shame is on the professionals who did not ensure a proper resolution when many options were available. This has been clear to those who have examined this case with an open and unbiased mind. 

As a result of our fight for justice John and I have become members of a group formed here in Virginia, LRIDD, Legal Reform for People Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled. I was asked to be the Director of Communications and I immediately said yes. I am proud to say we almost got a bill passed during the 2019 General Assembly. The vote was 40-0…yes…40-0, but it died on the senate floor. We are back at work and will do whatever it takes to ensure that the voices of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities are heard and properly considered. Our current criminal legal system needs to be reformed to be worthy of the term criminal justice system. 

If you’re here because you care about autism and other developmental disabilities being criminalized then please visit our website at You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We have become a national voice and we are making a difference. We welcome your support and have resources for those struggling with a similar legal encounter. 

I wish you could know how heartfelt the words thank you are from us to each of you. We’re  aware of the time you’ve spent signing, commenting, sharing, calling and emailing the governor’s office. You have fought not only for our son but for so many others as well. 

Brighter days are ahead. 

Our Deepest Gratitude Always, 

Judy (Jude) and John Harrison…and of course, Libbie 


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