The Invitation

Since posting this blog several of you have asked me about the details. “What did he do?” Others have asked, “What was he convicted of?” This is an excellent example of the essence of why I’m writing this blog. What he did, and what he was convicted of are entirely different, as are your questions.

Reliving the details in order to tell the story is proving to be both heartbreaking and cathartic.

It’s one thing to watch someone riding a roller coaster. And quite another to actually ride one yourself. Once that bar slams shut over your lap you are at the mercy of wherever the ride takes you. Only this ride has not been fun.

Our son dated someone in high school for several months. His first love. His first sexual partner.

My intention is to save our son, not to degrade this young woman. She is entitled to do whatever she wants to do with her body, and to engage in whatever style sexual activity she prefers. I do not condone any forced sexual acts upon anyone, anytime, ever.

In early March, 2012 my son came to me upset, crying and splashing cold water onto his face from our kitchen sink. He was confused and needed me to help him understand a text he had just received from her. Just the day before I remember he had joyfully, hopped, skipped and jumped his way out the front door. He had invited her to go to the zoo or to a movie. She invited him to meet at Barnes & Noble. He accepted.

Tomorrow I will begin introducing the trial transcripts into this blog.

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