You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Desk

Over the past 5 years I have believed that “soon” at the next court date, the next request, the next hearing; but soon-someone with the power and authority to let Drew go free would do just that. OR at the very least…grant him in-home incarceration. The decision the judge made to deny this request has proven to be simply inhumane!

Almost every time I talk to Drew he asks why he is still in prison. He says that anyone who reads the transcripts knows he’s innocent and doesn’t belong in there. He begs me to get him out of there so he can come home.

I feel the physical pain of being a victim of injustice.  Taking on the system is a horrible, powerless feeling. I don’t like being a victim. And I particularly won’t accept my son being made into a victim for the rest of his precious life.

The mounds of paperwork continue to grow. Stacks of notes, transcripts, documents, and so on. I needed a desk. I couldn’t find (or afford) a large enough desk. A man gave me some old table legs and a support frame that could handle a large table top. My son, John, suggested a 4×8 sheet of plywood for the top. We measured and yep…that works.

Every day I take lots of notes. I write down names of people I’ve spoken with, what date and time, and every detail of our conversation. Sometimes I have to jot down a name and date quickly, or a phone number. Grabbing a piece of paper quickly or a pen that is out of ink has been an issue more than once. So, I decided to paint the top of the plywood desk with chalkboard paint. And, keep a container filled with chalk pens close at hand.

As a result of making Drew’s and our story public I hear from so many people who are going through a similar nightmare. It hurts. Every single one of their stories hurts deeply. I am always clear that my primary goal for now is to get Drew out of prison, and to have a higher court or authority look over the injustice of his case and overturn his convictions. He deserves his rights and reputation restored. That fact is supported by the constitution of the United States of America. This case is beyond absurd to all who look at the truth and the reasonable doubt. I am also committed to helping others in the process. I’m in this!

So, as I was painting the last coat of chalkboard paint on my desk I thought about the scene from the movie Jaws, where the guys finally see the vast size of the man-eating machine they were fighting. I turned to John and said, “Yep, we’re gonna need this bigger desk.” He got the analogy, and we laughed. We need to laugh to stay sane. I now have a bigger desk!

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The support we’re receiving is growing daily. But, just like the great white shark, the judicial machine we are fighting is huge. I not only needed a bigger desk, I need a bigger crew…and that includes you. Never underestimate the power of a simple supportive comment, and sharing this story of injustice with others. Support is everything!

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