Spotlight on the Truth

In my last post the woman was testifying about the fuzzy blue blanket she put on the floor for the two of them to lie down on. We will pick up there.

Trial transcript beginning on page 66 – Q: Defense attorney asking questions, A: Woman answering.

Q: And then ultimately both of you moved to the couch at some point in time.

A: I sat in front of the couch.

Q: He was massaging you?

A: Shoulders and feet.

Q: So a foot massage, shoulders. While you were there, do you show him some of your modeling work?

A: No.

Q: Isn’t some of it posted?

A: I didn’t have anything. I was moving.

Q: You were moving, so you didn’t show him those things?

A: No.

Q: I think you told the court that you did send him these photos.

A: At some point. Not that day.

Please note that Drew’s attorney asked her 3 times in 3 different ways if she showed Drew her modeling photos that night. Her answer each time is no or an indication of no.

Trial transcript starting page 53 – Q: Prosecutor asking questions, A: Woman answering.

Q: What kind of – – I feel like all of us would probably be ignorant to it, but what kind of modeling were you doing?

A: I do artistic, trade, runway, magazine print, and high fashion.

Q: As part of your modeling, did you go to photography sessions in the area and things of that nature?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you ever share any of the photos with Mr. Harrison?

A: Yes.

Q: How would you share them with him?

A: Text.

Q: The photographs that you shared with him, what was the purpose of sharing those with him?

A: I thought since we’re friends, like with the people I have with me, with the people I have known and accepted in my circle, they always give me feedback to everything I do. They make me better or if I’m unsure about something I’m like, please tell me this is absolutely terrible because it’s going to be in front of like 10,000 people at this art gallery. With Drew, with how he came to me with these problems and stuff, I wanted to him to feel like he was really included in my inner circle and I wanted him to be part of the things I was doing.

Q: Okay. When you shared the pictures with him, would he give you commentary and things of that nature?

A: Yeah. He got very upset at one point and was very audible about the fact that he thought that I was leading him on with them. We got into a very big argument and I told him – – I wasn’t trying to make him angry. I didn’t realize that’s what was going on and I was sick to my stomach to myself. I was really disappointed in myself and I told him I wasn’t going to show him anything anymore because it was really making him angry and frustrated and he voiced that.

Q: After he voiced that to you, did you continue to send him pictures?

A: Not to my knowledge.

Trial transcript beginning page 71 – – Q: Defense attorney asking questions, A: Woman answering.

Q: Are those photographs of you?

A: Yes, they are.

Q: Those are nude photographs?

A: They are topless photographs.

Trial transcript starting page 145 – Q: Defense attorney is asking questions, A: Drew is answering.

Q: Let me ask you about the photos, the pictures. Let’s start with did you receive those prior? Did you get pictures of her from her prior to the event in early March?

A: Yes, all the time.

Q: And were they restricted to all clothed?

A: No. She’s very careful about this. The majority of her photos are basically naked, but not showing vagina, not showing nipple, but showing everything else. Those are the types of erotic photos she would send me. Her excuse – – it would upset me. She knew that I liked her. She would say, I’m just getting feedback from my friends, but she would send me these half naked pictures of her pretty regularly, even after I told her to stop.

Q: You said you told her to stop because it made you uncomfortable.

A: I viewed it as kind of a tease because she knew how I felt about her, and that she was still sending me these photos knowing that I’m attracted to her. I just found it kind of offensive.

Q: When you went to the apartment in early March, did she take the opportunity to show you or – –

A: Yes. I was surprised that she didn’t either remember that or whatever, but she pulled out her phone. She was packing, so she didn’t have any portfolio books laying around, but on her phone she was flipping through showing modeling photos and those included nudes, full-on breasts, her butt. There were nude photos in the mix.

Q: Did that also contribute to your believing that she was seeking you?

A: Absolutely. That, coupled with the fact that while she was showing the photos, I’m just rubbing my hands up her back, scratching her back, shoulders. All of the intimate contact was, you know, reciprocated. It was okay.

The Police Report:

In the police report, relating to the modeling photos she says: [Drew was visiting her while she was packing. As she has previously done on numerous occasions with her friends, she began to show Drew her modeling photos with the intent of getting his feedback.]

Drew’s defense attorney had requested all discovery (this includes the police report) long before trial in preparation for Drew’s defense. It was after the trial, and during the sentencing phase that he received a copy of the police report.

The person who would have had access to the police report during the trial is the prosecutor. Did she sit in the courtroom and listen to her witness swear under oath that she did not show Drew her modeling photos that night, knowing that this was inconsistent with the police report?

I would not be doing my job as a mom if I fail to point out the justifications and misleading answers by this woman. When asked what kind of modeling she does her answer was: I do artistic, trade, runway, magazine print, and high fashion. Hmmm. Yet, there is no mention of what is really relevant here and what she was being asked about…that she does semi-nude and nude modeling photos. And, if you’re picturing a highly paid fashion model based on her description then don’t. At least not at the time of her testimony.

And I would feel remiss if I didn’t point out yet another justification she uses…as she does with all of her friends…just asking for feedback about her photos. Really?!?

  • The woman told the court under oath she didn’t show Drew any of her modeling photos that night.
  • Drew testified she did, and that she showed them from her cellphone, and that there were semi-nude and nude photos in the mix.
  • She told the police that she did show Drew her modeling photos to get his feedback that night.
  • Drew couldn’t have known this during his testimony at trial because he didn’t have the police report until AFTER trial. He was simply telling the truth.
  • She said under oath she would not have shown him the photos because he viewed it as her leading him on.
  • She said she felt sick to her stomach to herself for sending him her photos. And that she would not have shown them to him that night. But yet…she did.
  • So why on earth do you invite a man to your apartment, put down a big, fuzzy blue blanket on the floor for the two of you to lie on, allow him to massage you and show him your sexy modeling photos; knowing he has a romantic interest in you?

Does your brain feel numb trying to keep up with all of these details? Imagine my son trying to make sense of her ambiguity and mixed messages.

How did the judge listen to this testimony and determine her to be the more credible witness, and then convict my son?

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    1. Thank you! I will keep fighting and appreciate your support. Please sign my petition if you haven’t already.

    1. I don’t know. I wonder if it ever bothers him, if he ever loses sleep. His decision to send Drew to prison has caused extreme trauma. And, the judge said in open court that he wasn’t sending Drew to prison to deter him from crime, or because he thought Drew was a threat to anyone. He said he was sending Drew to prison as a general deterent because the community would want that. Clearly he is wrong!

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