Drew’s Birthday and Mother’s Day Weekend

Tomorrow, May 12th is Drew’s birthday. This will be the second birthday he has spent in prison.

A senseless conviction, followed by a draconian sentence. The final blow dealt by  the Commonwealth came on March 2, 2017 when the judge insisted upon unnecessary, active prison time.  This shattered my son’s hope and ability to trust. At least for now. We will help him learn to trust again.

The past year has been unbearable at times. Holidays and birthdays without him are beyond painful.  A person has to experience this kind of empty ache to truly understand.

The day after Drew’s birthday is Mother’s Day. I honestly just want it to be Monday…quickly. I don’t want to feel everything I am feeling. But at the same time, feeling the pain honors the love I have for my son. My tears are simply the truth being told. I miss him.  I know it won’t hurt like this forever.

I’ve held onto the hope that Drew would be home by now. I trusted that our governor would have pardoned him before now. I too have lost much of my own ability to trust. This is something he and I will work on together.

Just when I think I’ve asked you for the last favor I am asking for your support again. Please join me in honoring Drew’s birthday by sending a message to Governor Ralph Northam today. Let’s all put Happy Birthday Drew Harrison in the subject line. Yes, even if you’ve emailed him before. Please ask him to pardon Drew and send him home to his family and the community that wants him back.

The email address for Governor Northam is:


If you want to help this petition get over 5,000 signatures please consider promoting it by clicking the promote button. Even just $10.00 ensures that our petition is put before new potential supporters. Every signature, comment, and email to the Governor helps.

To every mother reading this, we hope your day will be filled with love, happy moments and good memories.

With Gratitude,

Judy and John Harrison


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