Many of you have been asking us for an update. I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving because the only “update” was to say there is no update. 

Perhaps you’re aware that Governor Ralph Northam has been asked to resign. A photo was released to the press this past Friday that has prompted numerous requests for him to step down immediately.  

Governor Northam is a pediatric neurologist with a vast understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Given what he has been through over the past few days we are hoping he can find a deeper understanding of how our son responded to an unexpected accusation.

We realize that contemplating resignation must be deeply painful. We ask Governor Northam to compare that to the suffering of being an innocent young man, on the autism spectrum, in prison and facing a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Governor Northam has the power to change Drew’s life.

 Many of you have signed your names, left comments, and have taken the time to contact the governor to ensure that he knows of your support of a pardon for Drew.  

We ask you to please do so one more time. As it becomes increasingly likely that Governor Northam will have to leave office soon we ask that he please do the right thing and pardon Drew Harrison immediately. We ask you all to please join us in this request. 

Please email and/or call him at:

email: ralph.northam@governor.virginia.gov

Phone number: (804) 786-2211

Thank you, 

Judy and John Harrison 


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