Arresting Autism

Today the blue lights shine bringing awareness to autism.

I have written many blog posts raising awareness of an often overlooked consequence many on the autism spectrum face. Ironically the blue lights in this case are of the flashing kind, associated with police cars and arrests.

Did you know that statistically someone on the autism spectrum is at greater risk within our criminal justice system than a neurotypical (non-autistic) person?

Autism traits and communication style are often misunderstood and misinterpreted as indicators of guilt, or criminal behavior.

Our son, Drew, was convicted of a crime and is in prison. He has autism. He has maintained his innocence regarding the crime the judge convicted him of. He passed a state mandated polygraph with no deception.

His days are agonizing, filled with external sensory overload, while his mind replays the facts over and over again like a reel-to-reel tape that won’t shut off. He struggles every day to understand how and why he is in prison.

I do the same. But, in my case I have stacks of court transcripts on my desk filled with documented reasons why my son should not be in prison.

Drew has always preferred the truth. So, throughout the month of April during Autism Awareness Month I am going to post parts of the story not yet covered in my blog.

Many of you have asked how this happened, and how a judge found Drew guilty. In short posts this month I will share truth from court transcripts.

Since my posts will not be typical for a petition update I am providing the link to my blog If you want to follow pleaseĀ go to my blog. You can click the Twitter or Facebook link. Each blog update will be short and easily readable in a few minutes.

Please help us #DecriminalizeAutism by signing, sharing, tweeting, posting on your Facebook or other social media pages.

I am determined to bring my son home from prison soon where he can begin to heal from this injustice. I am determined to bring #ArrestingAutism awareness in hopes that none of your sons or daughters will ever be criminalized for having autism.



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