Give Drew Freedom

I sit here on the 5th of July while most of my friends celebrated “freedom” yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to celebrate this year. No parades. No cookouts. I just simply couldn’t nudge myself into going, being in the midst of celebrating “freedom” when my son is not free. He is in prison. He is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. But common sense and reasonable doubt stepped aside while judicial bullying took over.

I will however celebrate my right to freedom of speech.

Drew pled guilty to writing a nasty text. He went through FIVE years of therapy. Most of that in the form of weekly sessions with a skilled, licensed, PhD psychologist, and monthly sessions with a psychiatrist. But, TWO MONTHS of that time at a very expensive residential treatment center. My husband and I have stopped adding up the $$$$ because it just adds to the pain we experience knowing the suffering our son goes through daily as a result of injustice. He has maintained his innocence of any forced sexual activity, and passed a polygraph required by the commonwealth. And let none of us ever forget the reasonable doubt, and the proof of inconsistent testimony by the complaining witness, provided to the judge at the motion to set aside the verdicts hearing. And, let us not forget the due process violation.

I will soon write a more detailed update post. For today I will answer some of the questions we are asked most often.

Q: How is Drew doing? How is he holding up in prison?

A: I wish I had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked these questions. And, please know that we value you caring and inquiry. Drew is not doing well at all. He lives in constant fear. He is making the very best of a horrific situation. Prison is an awful place to be, period. It is made so much worse for those who suffer from an autism spectrum disorder. I am truly in awe of the strength he has shown thus far. He is determined to make it out of there alive and sane. He tells me he will use this experience to help others.

Q: Can you visit him?

A: We finally were approved for visitation last month. I will elaborate more about this in my next post. But, my husband and I have visited him. Our visit was both wonderful and awful. It was wonderful to hug my son. It was awful to listen to what he endures, and to feel the physical 45 pound weight loss in a mere three months. That kind of weight loss can’t be healthy.

Q: Can I write to him? Can he get mail?

A: Yes. He greatly appreciates every letter he receives. He has said it’s so easy while in there to feel like the whole world has forgotten about you. When he reads a letter of support it helps him endure the hell he is going through. I will happily provide you with his address if you email or pm me on Facebook.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: You can share this post…and this blog site! You can speak up and say the injustice done to Drew is not okay with you.

Q: Has Drew been raped?

A: I guess I’m not surprised by how often we are asked this question. It seems that TV shows and movies depict the notion that most prisoners get raped. NO, Drew has not been raped. However, with that said, he has suffered emotional, physical, verbal and psychological abuse.

Q: How can this happen in this country?

A: You tell me. I think it happens every time someone reads my blog and turns their head to the problem and the suffering of injustice. It happens when people buy into political jargon without critical thinking. It happens when bus stop moms believe their children are somehow safer because my son is locked away without researching how easily this could be their son one day. The judge himself stated twice in open court, the transcripts provide his own message that Drew is not a threat to society, not a threat to anyone. He sent Drew to prison to send a message that criminal behavior will not be tolerated. So, the shorter answer would be…it happens with your vote. Your vote matters. Listen and research who and what you’ve voting for. Any politician can make a simplistic statement that he/she will make our community safer with stricter laws. That sounds good, right? There was a day when I actually bought into that too. I didn’t know better. Now that I know better I fight for truth, accountability and true justice. I share stories of injustice. Even though the stories are hard to read, they are even harder for the people involved to endure.

I will end here. Please share. Please read my entire blog, and the documented transcript excerpts. Please tweet this blog. Please like and comment on this post. Please speak out. Please help SAVE DREW.

Thank you. May God bless our country. And, may God bless and protect my son…you and your families.


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